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Robert Walsh

Mr Robert Walsh

CEO, SA Simulations

Robert Walsh brings over 20 years of delivering technology software product solutions for both the defence and computer game sectors.  He drives innovation in both the computer game sector and defence.  Under his direction, his technology businesses have delivered over 100 products on multiple computer game systems, as well as delivering simulation and training solutions for the US Navy, the US Airforce and Boeing Phantom Works.

As the CEO of technology-driven companies, he oversees the design, architecture and implementation of all systems to deliver the technology roadmap.  Delivering Virtual and Mixed reality simulation training solutions to the defence sector and evaluating the return on investment of these solutions is his primary focus.

Mr Walsh is a Certified Practising Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland and an Executive MBA from Bond University. He has been a panellist speaker at the Games Developer Conference in the USA as we all as a keynote speaker at  Games Developers Conference Europe.  He also has received the Career Achievement Award from the Australian Game Developers Association.