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Carl-Fredrik Kleman

Lieutenant Colonel Carl-Fredrik Kleman

Head of Joint Training Centre, Swedish Armed Forces

Carl-Fredrik was assigned as the head of the Swedish Armed Forces Joint Training Centre at the Enköping Garrison since September 2014 until December 2018. He is now Senior Advicor at the Centre. Carl-Fredrik is born 1957, he is married with Annika, and has two sons, Ludvig and Gustaf. They live in Strängnäs, the capital of Södermanland in Sweden. His main interests are sailing/sealife and ice hockey. He was during many years the chairman of the Åker/Strangnäs Elite team.

He has served within the Swedish Army Rangers at the Jämtland Rifle Regiment (Östersund) in various tactical commander assignments.

His initial academic background was the examination at the Officers Academy in 1981. He was graduated in 1984 from the War College. In 1998 he  graduated from the Swedish Defense University (SEDU) Basic Staff Officers Course and in 1992 he  graduated from the SEDU Senior Officers Program.

He has been participating in and working with international cooperation and development of crisis management, both within NATO (from a partner perspective) and the European Union.

In 1998, he was assigned to the Ministry of Defense as Military Adviser, mainly working in the field of international arms control. He was also working with questions related to the cooperation between Sweden and NATO. In that role, among other things, he was involved, on the strategic level, in the early VIKING concept development. Since then he has been, and will be, involved in the planning, execution and evaluation in the VIKING exercises in various positions like OCE OPR, Head of the Core Planning Team and Senior Adviser.

In 2001, he was assigned to the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters Personnel branch as Head of Manning Department.

In 2006, he was assigned to the Supreme Commander Staff, International Department, as Head of The European Union Desk, mainly involved and responsible for preparing the Swedish EU chairmanship 2009.

Carl-Fredrik is heavily involved in and guides the concept development of collective training methods, objectives, command and control of the existing and future training capabilities and its implementation in to the Armed Forces.

Carl-Fredrik was the Swedish military representative to the NATO Modeling and Simulation Group working group 106 on Enhanced CAX Architecture, Design and Methodology. He was one of the main contributor and authors in developing the “NATO Computer Assisted Exercise handbook of Best Practice”, AMSP-05 (Allied Modelling and Simulation Publication)

Today Carl-Fredrik has a special assignment as Senior Adviser at the Swedish Armed forces Joint Training Centre (JTC). The Training Centre is responsible for command and control exercises, both on tactical and operational (multinational) level. The JTC is hosting and supporting all main Command Post Exercises in the Armed Forces and is the main Site of the VIKING exercises.



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