ADECS 2018 Days Away! Meet the ADECS team and learn from our exclusive content.

Meet us at ADECS 2018

ADECS 2018 will take place on 30-31 January 2018 at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. ADECS will cover four streams of specialised content to attract some of the industry’s biggest influencers, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Military Training and Simulation (MilSim) Asia, Undersea Defence Technology (UDT) Asia, Electronic Warfare (EW) Singapore and Maritime Defence Asia, will all take place within the ADECS exhibition hall, alongside the exclusive conference streams.

Rear Admiral Simon Williams, the Clarion Defence & Security chairman will be onsite at ADECS 2018 providing insight and further communications from the event on a daily basis. As one of the leading thinkers behind the curation and development of ADECS 2018, Simon will be able to provide and demonstrate an advanced understanding for press and all other attendees who are looking to find out more about ADECS.

With less than one week to go until ADECS 2018, we want to take a look at some of the most exclusive content and industry expertise that will be present at the Marina Bay Sands.

UDT Asia

The undersea defence community grows globally, and the Asia-Pacific region is proving no exception to that growth. As our geo-political climate cements the requirements for defined borders, on land and sea – such an area as the Asia-Pacific region must not only assure its waters and shipping routes are well protected, but also that these territories are protected with contemporary technology. With the increase in the use of technology there also comes the add complexities associated with high traffic, and the need to increasing maritime safety. 

For 2018, UDT Asia will provide content that discusses the design, project procurement and developing technologies within the undersea community, particularly with reference to manned/unmanned submarines and hydroacoustic communication. 

Content at UDT Asia will include:

Admiral Thanee Phudpad, Senior Advisor, Royal Thai Navy and Captain Piamsuk Tanvibul, Secretary of Naval Secretariat Department, Royal Thai Navy will both discuss training initiatives for submarine operations and preparation for future risks: current vision of the Royal Thai Navy.

Captain Sukjoon Yoon (R) will examine and review South-Korea’s nuclear-powered submarine project and the issues and challenges within.

MilSim Asia

Military simulation has played a major role in training personnel over the last decade across Europe and North America. This technology becomes increasingly pertinent in the east as well, as budgets increase and traditionally accepted methods of training adjust.

MilSim Asia 2018 will focus on bringing a lot of the technology that is in full circulation within Europe and North America to the Asia-Pacific audience of end users. The demand for this technology does not end with the product itself, but expands into the methods of best practice in simulation and training. This particular facet of the simulation industry is what draws such prominence to these conference streams.

Content at MilSim Asia will include:

Captain Didong Rio Duta, Commanding Officer of Escort Squadron, Western Fleet Command of the Indonesian Navy will assess the Indonesian Navy’s naval warfare training simulator and evaluate the training programmes in place to deter maritime crimes and piracy.

Dr Roman Sperl of Reiser Simulation and Training GmbH will discuss the customised training methods to improve management of complex and dynamic missions.

Maritime Defence Asia

Maritime security and coastal protection continues to provide a topic of major discussion around the world, and in particular the rapid growth of maritime defence capabilities across the Asia-Pacific region which has many dimensions. The development of coastal surveillance and protection forces; the development of Ocean Patrol Vessels (OPVs) and larger surface escorts; the development of shipping to support Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Operations(HDRO) and other logistic shipping; and the delivery of engineering and maintenance support to the growing national fleets in the region. This is made all the more pertinent in the region due to the past, contemporary and future threats posed by the geography of the region.

The conference streams will look into providing an engagement opportunity for military and government practitioners to understand and explore new solutions and innovations to advance their monitoring, support, training and communication capabilities.

Content at Maritime Defence Asia will include:

First Admiral Bambang Irwanto, Commandant of Maritime Security Task Force of Western Fleet, Indonesian Navy will lead a discourse on highlighting current counterterrorism and counter piracy systems, strategies and development plans to meet national needs from the perspective of the Indonesian Navy.

Captain Azhar bin Baharum, Assistant Chief of Staff of Operations, HQ Eastern Fleet, Royal Malaysian Navy will provide further understanding on the approaches taken by the Royal Malaysian Navy to meet national needs on EEZ policing and protection and the development plans ahead for events in the maritime domain.

Electronic Warfare Singapore

Electronic warfare has seen a renewed focus to be at the forefront of global agendas due to the ever-present threats from potential opponents, advancing their own technologies in Hybrid Warfare, Information Operations, the multi-domain battle (MDB), Cyber and Anti Access/Area Denial (A2/AD).

As the Asia-Pacific region pursues development of its defence infrastructure and operational capabilities, the problems being posed and as importantly the solutions, within the EW community become increasingly more pressing. The EW Singapore conference will examine and explore ‘Advancing Electronic Warfare and Electromagnetic Operations Together in the Asia-Pacific Region’.

Content at EW Singapore will include:

Air Marshall Philip Sturley CB MBE BSc FRAeS CCMI will be delivering a keynote address on an operational commander’s perspective of EW and electromagnetic operations.

Lieutenant Colonel Chris Walls will provide further information on the US Army doctrinal approach to cyberspace and electronic warfare operations.

Last Chance to Register!

ADECS 2018 continues to grow in both visitor and exhibitor numbers. With this in mind, the show has received more media coverage than ever before. If you are interested in visiting ADECS 2018, as part of industry, government, press or military you can register to attend now. Registration is open now, and will continue throughout the exhibition.

We are excited about the future of ADECS as a brand and exhibition & conference series. 2018 is only going to cement the developing success of ADECS. Be sure to visit the venue, or keep up with our onsite news in order to be part of our growing success.

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