Exhibitor Press Releases

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Exhibitor Press Releases

  • TCI’s COMINT solutions on deck for ADECS 2020

    30 Jan 2020 TCI International, Inc.

    20 Jan 2020
    Decodio Localizer is an emitter localization solution and is part of Decodio’s Spectrum Monitoring System. It uses signals from distributed, time-synchronized acquisition stations to determine the loc ...
  • BISim Demonstrates New Flagship Product, VBS4, at ADECS 2020

    17 Jan 2020 Bohemia Interactive Simulations

    First look at next-generation whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host 


  • Another milestone in a successful year: Contract signature @Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH.

  • Image Soft UNWAS™ algorithm update

    20 Dec 2019 Pekka Santanen

    Image Soft UNWAS™ Underwater Surveillance System has been updated with enhanced algorithms for port surveillance and multi target positioning.

  • Decodio Spectrum Monitoring System Highlights:  • Full digital PMR decoding  • Air interface measurements  • Remote interface  • Automatic emission detection • Integration of direction-finding systems ...
  • Project DORNHAI is PROCITEC’s development initiative using low-SWaP low-cost wideband communications receivers to automatically derive Indications and Warnings in the maritime and littoral space.

  • Ceremonial Handover of NTH90 MTR FC Maintenance Training Rig to the German Navy Air Wing 5 in Nordholz, Lower Saxony

  • ReiserST has been named Winner in category Outstanding VR/AR/MR Application in MS&T Industry Awards 2019, honoring best-in-class development initiatives within simulated helicopter training.

  • H125 Full Flight Simulator qualified by Finnish Regulatory Authority