2019 Speaker Interviews

Interview 1:

Speaker: Dr Tobias Eggendorfer, Professor, University of the Federal Armed Forces Germany in Munich / Universitat der Bundeswehr Munchen

Session Title: Automatically Deriving Tactical Data Links (TDL) from Standardization Documents such as NATO STANAGS

Session Time: Day 2, 11:10

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Interview 2:

Speaker: Dr Thomas Withington, EW Editor and Analyst, Monch Publishing, France/UK

Session Title: SEAD Capabilities to Counter Regional Anti-Access Area Denial (A2AD) Postures

Session Time: Day 1, 15:30

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Interview 3:

Speaker: Mr Shaun Vickers, EW Development Manager, MASS, UK

Session Title: The Electromagnetic Environment/Domain is Changing – How Do You Know?

Session Time: Day 1, 10:05

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