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In order to exhibit at ADECS 2020, you organisation must agree to the compliance policy below. 


The Event Organisers have defined the following policy on matters of compliance at the event, which is based primarily on the definitions and restrictions set out in the UK Export Control Act 2002 (as amended). It is solely the Exhibitors' responsibility to obtain all necessary licenses and authorities. Compliance audits will take place throughout the event and Exhibitors who are in breach of this policy will forfeit their right to exhibit.

The controls on goods which would be defined as “Category A” under the UK Export Control Act 2002 apply to all forms of promotion, including general advertising. The act of distributing hard copy or electronic brochures or catalogues containing reference to any such product, or the inclusion of images of such products in stand displays, or any other form of other marketing of these products at the event is prohibited.

Export control regulations may apply to exhibits based both upon the territory in which the event takes place and the territory of origin of the exhibitor. Such legislation or regulations may cover the exportation of goods, the transfer of technology, the provision of technical assistance overseas and activities connected with trade in controlled goods.

Exhibitors whose activities may be impacted by such legislation or regulations are required to ensure they have the necessary licenses and mechanisms in place.

For more information on the latest UK legislation, follow the links below:


All Exhibitors' equipment, services, documentation and all other forms of visual promotion and display exhibited or proposed must be of a type, which complies with:

  • Law in the territory in which the event is staged
  • Law in the territory of origin of the exhibitor
  • UN Law and UN international undertakings


These controls may encompass export from the country of origin, involvement in movements of these goods between overseas countries where the deal is made in the Territory, or by a person of the Territory of origin of the Exhibitor based overseas. It is important that your organization is aware of all current applicable trade controls and whether they affect your business prior to exhibiting at the event.

Breach of any aspect of relevant trade controls will be treated as breach of the event terms and conditions regarding Compliance and Eligibility to Exhibit.

Display of goods, or the related promotional material for items which would be classified as “Category A” under UK Trade Controls is expressly prohibited at all Clarion Defence & Security Events. This restriction applies to all forms of promotion, including the distribution of brochures or other promotional material from your stand which features images or details of any “Category A” goods, even if your company does not intend to market these goods at the event.


“Category A” and prohibited goods include:

  • Goods designed for the execution of human beings
  • Goods banned by the EU because of evidence of their use in torture
  • Restraints specially designed for restraining human beings.
  • Riot control or self-protection devices designed or modified to administer an electric shock.
  • Certain cluster munitions, including components.
  • Land mines, anti-personnel mines and anti-material cartridges (Land mines act 1998)


If you are caught promoting “Category A” or other prohibited or controlled goods, you will be ejected from the event and could face enforcement action from relevant authorities.

Goods classified as “Category B” and “Category C” under UK trade control legislation may also be subject to export controls and may require relevant export licenses from either the country of origin or the country in which the event takes place if exported.

A full definition of the items included in Category A, B and C goods is contained within Schedule 1 of the Export Control Order:


Exhibitors shall not exhibit live or de-activated firearms on their stand or use live firearms or de-activated firearms in any demonstration.

Dummy or realistic imitation (D/RIF) weapons may be exhibited but will require the correct import/export license from the relevant authorities. Exhibitors must also complete the Import/Export clearance form supplied by the Singapore Police before applying for import/ export licences. A copy of this form is available as a download in the EZONE. All exhibitors are to complete the compulsory “Declaration of Firearms” form in EZONE stating if they intend to display such items. 

The Police Licensing & Regulatory Department (PLRD) is the licensing authority for Arms & Explosives in Singapore. A licence under the Arms & Explosives Act is required for any import export of firearms and explosives (including ammunition).

Approval from the PLRD is also required for the import/export of D/RIF firearms or dummy explosives, body armour, helmets and night vision devices.

Exhibitors displaying Controlled & Prohibited Goods must obtain prior approval or licence for the import of the goods into Singapore. After the exhibition, all items must be exported to the country of origin.

Exhibitors must complete the Import/Export clearance form supplied by the Singapore Police before applying for import/ export licences. A copy of this form is available on the EZONE, and must be returned to ADECS compliance manager Freddie Ritchie.

PLRD officers will carry out onsite inspections to ensure that all exhibits on display comply with Singapore law.   

For more information and to access a copy of the legislation please see the guide on controlled and prohibited goods for import on the Singapore Customs website


All personnel attending ADECS, including exhibitiors stand personnel, representatives, guests, contractors/subcontractors (stand build and services) and security personnel who will be working on stands and hospitality areas, must be pre-registered to attend ADECS. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to check the bona fides of all personnel that they register to attend ADECS.


  1. Compliance audits will take place before and throughout ADECS to ensure that equipment, services, documentation and all other forms of visual promotion and display exhibited comply with the above-mentioned undertakings.
  2. Exhibitors promoting or exhibiting prohibited items, either overtly or covertly during the exhibition will be in breach of their contract with the Organisers and will forfeit their right to exhibit at ADECS. The Organisers will take appropriate action which may involve the removal of equipment, documentation and/or visual promotional material from the stand into safe custody. The stand may be closed immediately and the exhibitor will have no claim for redress against the Organisers, nor any refund for loss of fees. Relevant authorities in the country where the event is staged and the country of origin of the exhibitor will be informed by the Organiser of any breach. This may result in legal action being taken against the Exhibitor by these authorities.
  3. The Organisers reserve the right to make the final decision concerning the eligibility of exhibits and matters of compliance


Note: services in respect of the list of prohibited equipment are also prohibited.