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Call for Papers

Are you interested in participating as a conference speaker at ADECS 2020?

Organisers are soliciting original unclassified, English language papers from subject-matter experts and international thought-leaders from the government, military, academia and industry.

Please note: The information below relates to the MilSim Asia and UDT Asia conference streams. To submit a paper for AOC Electronic Warfare Asia, click here.

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The Call for Papers for ADECS 2020 is now closed. 

If you have any queries or wish to submit a late paper, please contact​​​​​​​


The Asia Pacific region has unique requirements in capabilities, thanks to its geographical and political position. ASEAN cooperation is a key component of improving regional maritime security, disaster relief and counter-terrorism. By sharing intelligence, experience and expertise, national peacekeeping forces are able to better identify threats, allocate resources, and develop increasingly effective security programmes.

ADECS 2020 includes the MilSim Asia Conference, which focuses on the regional training requirements and solutions, and the UDT Asia Conference which covers undersea defence strategic and technological developments.

The rise in unmanned and autonomous vehicles is a key factor in the Asian defence strategy – one that brings with it a number of challenges to overcome. With this in mind, the overarching theme for ADECS 2020 is: Effectively introducing UUV/AUV capabilities into Asian security forces

How to submit

How to submit

Organisers are welcomed to submit their paper using the form above until the deadline on Friday 18 October 2019

Authors should submit high-quality abstracts of 200-400 words. Each abstract should include a proposed title, topic overview, and key lessons for the audience. Details of the nominated speaker will also be required. Product pitches will not be accepted.

All presentations will be made available to delegates post-event as part of the ADECS 2020 programme. If there are specific reasons why an accepted paper should not be distributed, the speaker must write to the event organisers stating the reasons why.

What are we looking for?

2020 Theme: Effectively introducing UUV/AUV capabilities into Asian security forces

To support the theme above, we are soliciting original unclassified English-language papers from government, military, academic and industry thought-leaders, addressing the following subjects:

Cost Effective Force Multiplication

  • Manned-unmanned teaming
  • The UUV/AUV role in MCM capability

Platform Capability Development and Acquisition

  • Unmanned platform deployment in support of current assets
  • Developing industrial base for defence modernisation

 Security Cooperation

  • Unplanned encounters and escalation management
  • Information sharing to improve regional security

 Constructive Training and Modelling

  • Developments in immersive environment and VR/AR training
  • Modelling crisis response and HADR

Top tips for writing a strong paper

Your topic title is not just an indicator of what you plan to present – it’s also a key way to hook your audience. It will be used in marketing collateral to promote your session, and listed on the agendas sent to potential audience members. 
Here are a couple of tips for making your title as strong as possible.

1 – Give it punch

Make it memorable and engaging. You can make a pun, if your audience appreciates that sort of tone. Alliteration is always appealing. If applicable, use specifics such as stats or case studies that indicate you will be discussing something real and practical, rather than vague generalities. 
Here are a few examples:

  •     Cutting us some Slack: acquiring data from cloud collaboration tools
  •     Detecting, deterring and disrupting terror threats to the USA
  •     Lessons learned from the Salisbury Novichok incident

2 – Consider the format

There are a number of different ways to frame your presentation. Are you addressing a major problem in the industry? Make your title the question everyone is struggling with. Are you outlining a practical approach to an issue? A ‘how to’ title indicates that.
Here are a few examples: 

  • Security is an illusion – where are your invisible vulnerabilities?
  • How to fight back against phishing
  • 12 steps to control IoT devices

3 – Hook your audience

The audience has options for how to spend their time. They could be networking, grabbing a coffee, or even listening to a different presentation in another stream. We will steer them towards you, but you can help by ensuring your title is attractive. Remember to ask: “so what?” Give your audience a reason to care about your presentation – specifically, how it could help them in their work. 
Here are a few examples: 

  • Improving compliance in order to minimise incidents
  • Preparing for virus pandemics and reducing reaction time
  • Leveraging AI-led tools to enhance investigations for CT Policing


If you have any queries regarding conference paper submission, please contact Head of Content Alice Macklin.

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